Cheyenne {Senior Session}

Meet Cheyenne! This girl has a special place in my heart and Im really gonna miss her when I leave! She has technically been a senior in my mind for a year, cause all of her best friends were seniors last year and are now college kids, so it feels weird that she is actually a senior now! I was in her shoes when I was a senior, all of my best friends graduated the year before me and in a way I had to start over just in time for senior year. But it ended up not being so bad. Cheyenne is already adjusting better than anyone thought and Im so proud of her. This girl is so sweet and loves others deeply and doesn't have a care in the world about what others think she is who she is and thats is why we love her! She has a passion for the Lord and is truly a joy to watch grow up and grow out of her shell. When I first met Cheyenne she was quiet but soon started to lead worship for the students and pray out load...its been such a joy to watch and I cant wait to see where the Lord leads her next! Ok, enough about my love for Cheyenne now on to the beautiful pictures!