End of Summer Mini Sessions

Woah this weekend was a whirlwind of photography sessions and a wedding! It will be nice to get a break this week from the crazy so I can prepare to move to NC a week from today! I have set aside this week for senior sessions for my former students and fun! Seriously its going to be a great week. So here are the mini sessions from the past weekend! It was a hot hot hot weekend but these families came out to support me and my year next year and for that I am so grateful! Thank you to everyone who supported me in cdh through giving financially and through booking me for your photo sessions! I have some exciting news about all that later this week! But for now enjoy some of my favorites from the weekend of mini sessions!  

First meet Avery: The almost 2 year old who doesn't even let bubbles amuse her! She is a cutie but hates pictures, we got a few smiles out of her and those were priceless! 

Now meet the Krauss': These kiddos go to church at FBCPTC. Ashleigh and Austin are in the youth group! They are the sweetest little family with a gazillion kids!

Meet Molly and Cooper! These two are a precious bunch of kids. They enjoyed exploring around the trails and while Molly had a normal 3 year old moment we still got some treasures! 

Lastly, Meet the Rodger Family. This would be the Senior Pastor at FBCPTC, he was my boss' boss! This family is really special I love their girls to death! Maddie is in 8the grade now and Abi is a 10th grader, so I got the joy of discipling and leading these girls for the past year and a half and see them come out of their shells as new kids at the beginning to being 2 very lively and happy girls who love others deeply! So proud of them! Meg, mom, is also special to me because we got the joy to meet together at the beginning for breakfast and Meg would shower me with biblical advise and love! Obviously the boys are just as great, I just thought I'd brag on the ladies though! 

I love the next two because i think it captures their personalities so well! 

 Thank you to everyone who participated in the mini sessions! It was such a blast and I appreciate all the support!