Mr. and Mrs. Moore {Country Wedding}

Meet Nicki and Josh. These two are possibly the sweetest people I have met. Nicki and Josh have been together for 5 years and have a precious daughter named Natalie, or Nattie for short. She was so good during the day, even in the 100 degree weather, and a hoot during the ceremony. This couple was  so excited to be married and spend the day with their friends and family. Before the wedding when I was talking to Nicki about her big day all she said was its all about my family and being with my family!   Seriously, when I showed up saturday I was taken back to what wedding days are all about. So often weddings have become a big extravagant event and many people expect weddings to be big and elaborate but this wedding was laid back and had a sweet country feel about it and I am so thankful to have been a small part of it!

Nicki and Josh, I loved getting the opportunity to capture your big day and it is a joy to tell the story of your day through my images!

Enjoy a few of my favorites! And have fun on your honeymooon this coming week!

Loved the daddy first look!

Thank Brittany for this one!

They opted not to see each other before the wedding but did get a moment together before the ceremony! So sweet! 

Loved his first reaction face to his beautiful bride, and thanks to Brittany for the image on the right!

Nattie did not want to be left out of the vows and exchanging of the rings! 

Its not a country wedding without bbq!

Shout out to brittany for being an awesome second shooter!

Check out that paparazzi!