The Hagge Family {Everyday Photography}

This Past weekend has been so crazy and it is only going to get crazier for me I have 5 sessions and a wedding this week to shoot. I have 2 weeks left before I move to North Carolina for the year and all the photo shoots are helping me so much, it looks like Ill have all of my support for CDH by the time I leave! Ahhh so crazy! Thanks to everyone who has made that possible, (more to come on that!) 

This past weekend I had 4 photo is the first of them! Meet the Hagge Family. They are such a cute little family but man are those little ones active. I thought just one two year old was hard...well I was in for a treat with this family, with twin girls, Sienna and Charlotte who will be 2 in September and Jack who is 3 1/2! We decided to do their session at the new lake in Peachtree City. It had a cool dock, gazebo and beautiful views. We had a blast exploring...or you could say chasing the kids with my camera! It was fun and hot but we got a ton of great pics of the kids and the whole family! I had a blast getting to know this family, they are great! Enjoy a few of my favorites and brace yourself for a post every day this week! 

Sienna was really good at finding the frog eyes on my camera...(a green frog headband my camera wears for the little ones!)

Father son moments warm my heart! 

One of my faves..those sunglasses were awesome!

Look at all that sass! 

She is a natural...

Charlotte was so good for the camera! Look at those eyes!

Sienna on the other hand avoided eye contact all day!

They were concerned for the dog walking past...but so cute!

a smile and eye for Sienna!

Jack being a boy on the log!

Thanks Hagge Family for letting me capture your beautiful little family! I had a lot of fun with you guys!