The Cartee Family {Nashville, TN}

As many of you know, I have started a new chapter of my life. I am now a resident of the one stop light town of Boiling Springs, North Carolina where I am interning with Clayton King Ministries and Crossroads Worldwide through the


program. I am really excited to be a part of this community and I am so excited about the opportunities that the Lord is going to bring about this next year. One of the first opportunities that my house got to do was travel to Nashville, TN to serve on a mission trip. We got to work with many different ministries and we stayed with this adorable family. I was honored to get to partner with my "brother"

Colin Mukri

on this photo shoot he is truly talented you should check out his website!  Any way, meet the Cartee's! Carl and heather lead worship for the Crossroads event and they are two of the greatest people I know. I loved getting to spend the week getting to know them more and love on their precious boys! Enjoy some of my favorites!

Meet Oak, he is the oldest! 

This is Ezra! He is a cheese ball! 

This is Abe, he is awesome! 

And Ike, he is two and doesn't stay still long! :D

Heather could be the Mary Kay mother of the year, ok of lifetime! She is gorgeous! 

 This is called the "Daddy Pile" and they love it!

And here are just a few of Colin's! Seriously, check out his



Colin is super talented check out this moving gif file! 

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