JLouise Hand-Lettering

Meet Jessie! 

This girl is the most beautiful inside and out! She is also extremely talented! When Jessie moved to Anderson, SC the same time I did to do the CDH program this year I knew I was in for a treat. This girl and I have been great friends for awhile but we have never been so lucky to share a town...until now! Jessie is starting a business where she specializes in making custom handlettering and watercolor prints! She is seriously so good! Check out her work at  http://www.jlouise.squarespace.com/ , you won't be disappointed. She is taking custom orders currently so make sure you contact her on her website to see if she can make you a pretty print! 

Yesterday, I realized that I needed some Christmas presents still, and that I could try and buy something but that I was better off using Jessie and her gifts. So we decided to make a photo shoot out of it! Check out some of my favorite moments from yesterday...but if you want the final products you will have to wait until after Christmas!