Jonathan and Heather Engaged {Greenville, SC}

Meet Jonathan and Heather! 

Their story begins in a coffee shop, but their love didn't bloom until they traveled with Crossroads last year to Guatemala! Jonathan is like a brother to me, literally he was my cdh brother and he fulfilled the annoying little brother role in my life all last year. He would sit to close to me on the couch and do things on purpose to annoy me but somewhere in the middle of the year he switched gears and I like to contribute that to Heather. They bring out the good in each other, they ooze with joy and their love for each other is evident. Im so excited for them to get married in January and start their lives together! 

It was an honor to capture this season of their lives last weekend in Downtown Greenville on the first cold day of the year! These two were troopers and though the sun fell awfully to fast we got some great shots!

Enjoy some of my favorites!  

ahhh, so fall!

jonathan and heather-20.jpg