She Said Yes {Megan & Jordan Engaged}

Well It's officially my roommate is officially getting married! We are really excited as this has been a long time coming and it is going to be a fun season!

Megan and Jordan have been dating a little over a year and when Jordan finally pulled me aside one day and told me he was ready to get a ring on her finger I freaked! I was so excited! I went undercover for quite sometime...found out her ring size, and dream ring, threw her off so many times when the topic came up and then the day came! 

It was a funny day. I canceled her date with Jordan saying we needed roommate night and needed to get our nails done. Then at the nail place we left there and instead of going home I took her to their spot at the lake and dropped her off for the moment she has always dreamed of. They had a picnic date and then walked around the lake where Jordan got down on one knee! 

It was such an honor to get to capture this special day for them and I am so excited that they get to finally plan their lives together! 

Enjoy a few of my favorites from this past week! 

I mean have you ever seen 2 people happier?

That moment when the ring still catches your eye!