Megan & Josh {North Carolina Wedding}

Meet Megan and Josh! 

These two are the most adventurous and down to earth people I have ever known. I became close to Megan last year when we both lived and interned together at CKM. She was my person in a house of 10 others and we really grew to love each other. In the same time Megan was falling for a boy who was about to go on a road trip for a couple of months. They started dating and then he was gone. We all knew they would get married and sure enough when he got back from the road trip it was not long until Megan sported a beautiful ring on a very important finger. 

Megan didn't want a wedding. She never did. She didn't even  want to wear a dress to her wedding at first. One thing was important to them though it was their photos and the memory of their perfect day. It was not big and elaborate, it was actually the opposite. Only their families and I were invited. Say what! The day came and I had to be there to document it and I even convinced them to do a first look. It was everything Megan and Josh wanted so it was perfect! 

After helping Megan with her hair and painting her nails we put her into her dress and it was time to see her groom. The two of them never stopped smiling all day even though it was a wintery chill day!   I could go on for days about how much I love these two...but instead I'll just share with you my favorites from their special day! 


Seriously, Megan you were so stunning!

Model status!