Mentoring with Anna K Photography

So it's been a long time coming where I realized that I needed to probably take my business more seriously. This is not easy to admit, but I cant make this a reality on my own I have to learn from others who have figured it out. I got up the nerve and asked Anna if I could do a mentoring session with her in Atlanta and it was the best decision.

I got to meet Anna at my friend Rachel's wedding a year or so ago. When I saw her I thought to myself how did she do it, how did she become a professional photographer? I got up a little courage and awkwardly walked up to her and said something like "hey what kind of camera is that" and then made small talk about how I was just getting started and only dreamed of having a camera like that and being able to shoot beautiful weddings for a living. And then it was awkwardly over, if you dont know me...I am an awkward person especially when I am uncomfortable. I remember walking away feeling like I would never make it to that point!

Anyway, fast forward to August 15th to my mentoring session with Anna...I learned so much and was so encouraged to pursue my dream of being a full time wedding photographer. I learned what it was going to take and I am excited that I have friends and family to help me figure things out along the way. Anna went over everything from taxes to finding the perfect lighting and I left her house with a fire that is still stirring inside me to make it happen. I am really excited and I have no idea what my future holds but I know that I am going to go for it and while that is terrifying I know I can never have the chance to succeed if I let my fear of failing get in the way of trying. 

Now, do yourself a favor and go check out Anna's Beautiful work and in the meantime check out some pictures that she took of me. (granted I never like to be in front of the camera let alone share them, but here is me being vulnerable because Anna did a beautiful job!)

Have yourself a fabulous Monday! And keep commenting on Katie's Senior Pictures to help her win some free things! 




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