Monday Mashup {My parents}

So, Life gets pretty crazy and before you know it its monday afternoon and you haven't eaten lunch or done your monday blog post....So i got some yogurt now its time to share a little post! 

I went home last week to pet sit  my dog, that my parents have adopted, while they went to the beach. I definitely had the worst end of the deal on that one! While it was supposed to be a week at their new home by myself the Lord so graciously, let them stay at home due to some new home drama. That being said I got to spend the whole week with my parents, since they were both home from work, which never happens and since I will be traveling over the holidays it was very much needed. 

I am thankful for these two and all that they do for me and how they love me! They are two of the goofiest people I know and I love them for it! They are both kind and have sweet spirits and my mom, she has a lot of fire! I love them and pretty much owe these two everything for how they invest in me. 

So they moved out into the country and while at first it was torture, by the end of the week the quiet and the cows kinda wore off on me and the open fields that surround their home, they mesmerized me!

This is them in front of the new house! Can't wait to make memories here with the sisters! 

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