Travel {What's in my Carry On}

Happy Friday Friends! 

This morning I was at the airport at 4am, heading to Thailand with a team of 10 others.  We are tired and anxious about our travels and the adventures that await us!  I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for the next 10 days!  Please keep the team and I in your prayers as we travel! 

When I was trying to decide what to blog today there was only one thing that came to for travel! I have been on several long flights and a question I always tend to get is, "what should I pack in my carry on?" So today I'll share with you what I bring in my carry on! 

Hope this helps with all your holiday travel! 

There are the basic things that you learn after traveling 10+ hours...these are my necessities when I travel! 

-My wallet with my cards and cash stored safely, just in case. 

-PASSPORT, can't leave without it!

-A Change of clothes. I always bring sweats to change into, a clean shirt and comfy socks! 

-Neck Pillow, you have to have one (the best place I have found to buy them is TJ Maxx!)

-Cough drops, I almost always get a cold

-Comfy noise canceling headphones- earbuds are painful after a couple of hours!

-My Kindle filled with books and Iphone! (dont forget their cords, you can charge them as you use them on the airplane with your usb cord!)

-My bible and journal

-My Glasses- eyes get tired fast!

-Toiletries (see below for more details on those!)

-Snacks! Kind bars are great and trail mix is good to have as well. I also bring a couple PB&Js for when the airplane food is terrible. (not pictured)

-My Camera, can't leave without it!


What is my bag?

-I carry my tried and true well traveled Northface book bag being extra careful not to make it so heavy for the airport walking. In my book bag I pack the things that I will only need on the trip a couple of times and store it in the overhead! 

-Also this time I am bringing my new ONA camera bag filled with all the things that I will want at my feet, like my camera, kindle, bible and journal, eyemask and headphones.

The Pampering:

-My new favorite thing is Cetaphil face wipes. They are gentle and take off the days makeup and dirt without breaking out my face, which is a must on the airplane!

-Wet Ones- its like a mini shower for your body, and it is so refreshing to not feel greasy!

-Deodorant- its a must! 

-Eye mask- sleeping on planes is so hard for me, but I have found that when I have my sleep mask on its easier to rest for short increments! 

-Aveeno hand lotion- its really a must have for my winter hands so I dare not travel without it. Its also unscented so it wont bother your seat neighbors! 

-Also, bringing my toiletries on the plane in the TSA approved baggie helps my know that if all else fails and my luggage doesn't get to wear I am at the same time I can still take a shower after being on the plane for 10+ hours! 

Last but not least! 

- I always bring my make up bag on the airplane to keep it safe but these are the 3 things I would pick out and use on the trip!

-They're Real Mascara, Im telling you guys nothing like a little mascara to make your feel like a girl again. This stuff is my favorite and it is waterproof and last FOREVER!

-Bare Minerals Translucent veil- bye bye oils on my face, this stuff is so smooth and takes away all the gross shine! 

-Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Forest Flower- Lips that are conditioned with a little color will refresh you in no time! 

Oh and the best thing I have found to wear to the airport is:

-Comfy jeans, Comfy tshirt, Cardigan, big blanket scarf, and simple comfy ballet flats! 

Hope this helps you in your next travel adventures! Happy Weekend! 

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