Walk Through A Wedding with Justin & Mary {Charleston, SC}

Happy Monday! 

It feels like this was forever ago, but I got the opportunity to attend Justin & Mary's Walk Through a Wedding Workshop in Charleston a couple weeks ago and the experience was amazing! I have been following these amazing photographers and believers for a long time now and when I saw that they were bringing their workshop to the south, and South Carolina at that...I was in.

I had no idea how I was going to go but by the generosity of my grandparents for the rest of my christmas and birthday presents they bought me a ticket and I was going to the workshop. I was a giddy school girl!  I knew I would learn a lot, but I never imagined that I would learn all that I did. 

We started off the day with lecture teaching in which my hands would not write fast enough to keep up, I wanted to write down every word they said. After that we all ate some lunch and got to know each other, and let me tell you the other girls in the room are some pretty awesome and lovely photographers! After lunch it was wedding time. We got to literally walk through a whole wedding day with Justin & Mary and they taught us everything from posing to lighting to details. Looking back this workshop was a turning point for me, I learned to have confidence, to believe in myself when it comes to posing and light. I am so thankful for Justin and Mary and how they believe in teaching other photographers like me and equipping us to succeed! 

So thank you Justin and Mary! You guys seriously blew my mind and Im forever grateful!

That Dress! 

Seriously, could they have found a more beautiful couple to be the bride and groom! These two weren't just beautiful they are so sweet and they are married and have a cute little girl! Also, fun fact they are moving to the lovely town of Boiling Springs, NC! Friends there, yall should totally become their new friends! 

Another win at the workshop was these two! Anna and Caroline are two really amazing photographers who were helping out Justin & Mary with the details and were the bridesmaids for the day! I was so excited to see Anna there because I did a mentoring session with her back in August! :D So fun! 

Talk about intimidating...its posing photographers!

Anna you are stunning!

After it got dark then Justin & Mary brought out their lighting and blew all of our minds and we closed the day with some toasts and a dance party! It was a long day, but so good! I still haven't even processed all I learned!