Photography was not always my thing. I always loved pictures, looking through old ones at my grandparents home, making fun of my mom's hair growing up or my dad's style. I also loved taking pictures, but I just was not very good at getting what I saw to reflect a story.

One day it all changed. I started to see things differently. I wanted to be able to tell a story of life without words. So I bought my first DSLR and started teaching myself everything I could. I wanted this to work. I wanted a new hobby. I never thought it would become my job, my passion. 

One day, one of my students asked me to take her senior pictures, I felt unqualified and terrified., but I agreed to do it anyway. While we galavanted around fields and cityscapes something in me came alive. I loved it. We had a blast and she got some really great photos out of it. Before I knew it I had a website, a blog and a booked wedding. From there it began. One person who believed in me and took a chance changed my course. 

Fast forward a couple years I moved to Thailand to share Jesus with the people there. I took on a job as a school photographer and have loved every minute of my adventure overseas. I loved living in Thailand, getting to travel, and documenting life. I recently moved back to South Carolina and am excited about picking my photography business back up!

Through photography I have been able to see the world in a new lens. I have been able to travel and live abroad and ultimately I have been able to tell stories of people's lives in a way that freezes time...and that is what I do what I do!